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Phoenix Reiki & QT

Liz is a fully qualified Reiki Practitioner and Mindfulness coach. Having experienced first hand, how both of these elements can support you in times of facing life's challenges, Liz wanted to create an integrative treatment that can support others during their moments of need.  She uses her natural instinct as well as her developed skills to help you unlock blockages that might be holding you back from moving forward in your life. Mindfulness tips support the process by assisting you to come to terms with any issues that may arise. They help you to connect with self compassion which leads to a path of true self acceptance. This part of Phoenix treatments are called ‘QT’, Quiet Time, as Liz feels it encourages you to actively allow yourself a moment of ‘quiet’ to reflect, re calibrate and regroup.

 Through her practise, Liz has seen how powerful this combined approach is and her empathetic nature helps people to feel at ease and non judged. By putting her skills to positive use, she hopes help to bring peace and harmony to others who are finding the challenges of life somewhat overwhelming.

My lineage to Mikao Usui, original Reiki discoverer 

Mikao Usui

Taketomi Kanichi

Kimiko Koyama

 Hiroshi Doi

Frans Stiene

Torsten Lange

Liz Davies

Liz specialises in Mindfulness coaching for children, however she can take key facets of this practise and adapt them for supporting treatments for adults. The fundamentals are the same, the difference is in the language that is used and the level of depth that is accessible to the client.

Reiki and Mindfulness (QT) does not just have to be used in times of dire straits. The restorative, centering and calming effects that both can bring can be thought of as self-maintenance. Like having your hair trimmed, your tyres rebalanced, a massage….Liz believes that you have to ultimately look after yourself as number one, then you are in the strongest position to be your best self to all the people who are in your life. 

"I came to see Liz for help with anxiety and panic attacks and some chronic health problems. Her treatment has helped me feel less stressed and anxious in many situations that I find difficult. She is a wonderful listener and her methods have helped me challenge and begin to overcome my limiting self-beliefs and negative thinking. Her Reiki healing treatment is relaxing but powerful and afterwards I feel calmer and more positive. I would definitely recommend Liz to anyone who needs help with stress or any other mental or physical issues".

Kate S, Twickenham.



Usui Reiki Practitioner. Certified Mindfulness Coach. DBS checked. Fully insured, Safeguarding certified.